Fixing pop-up ads and redirects on Mac

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If your Mac computer suddenly started showing unwanted pop-up ads or redirecting your internet browser to unwanted pages, most likely it is infected by adware.

Fortunately, Mac OS X is easy to clean up and remove the adware infection.

In cases like that I am using AdwareMedic which I find very effective.

This software is a donationware. You can download and use it for free but please consider making a donation to the developers if you find it useful.


Here’s how to clean up your Mac and remove unwanted pop-up ads in a few simple steps.


Go to the above mentioned website and download the latex version. You can do that from the infected computer.

NOTE: some adware can block your browser from accessing the AdwareMedic website. If that’s the case, you can download it on a different computer and save to a USB flash drive.

After that run the application on the infected computer from that flash drive.

Download AdwareMedic


Click on the downloaded file and wait until the following window appears on the screen.

Drug the AdwareMedic icon into the Applications folder to install it on your computer.

Install AdwareMedic


Run the application.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. It’s necessary for updating the software database.

Click on the Scan for Adware icon.

Run application


It will take a moment to scan the computer.

If it is infected, you will see a new window with all infected files and names shown.

In my case I had the following adware installed: Spigot, Conduit, Downlite, Genieo, Vidx/MacVX.

All boxes should be checked by default.

Now click on the Remove Selected Adware button in the lower right corner of the window.

Adware malware detected


You will see the confirmation that adware was removed.

Restart the computer and run the application again.

It might take a few scans to remove the infection completely.

Adware removed


When all adware removed, you will see the following confirmation message.

Confirm removal

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