MBP 13-inch (2009 or 2010) stopped booting

If your MacBook Pro 13-inch (2009 or 2010 models) stopped booting properly without any reason, this very well could be related to the hard drive cable failure.

I’ve seen lots of MBPs with a problem like that. Just last week I replaced four failed cables.


Here are some of the symptoms of a failed hard drive cable:

1. Laptop boots to a blank white screen.

2. Mac OS X starts loading but gets stuck at the Apple logo and spinning gear.

3. The boot drive (normally named Macintosh HD) is not shown on the screen when you start the laptop with the “Option” key pressed down.


Failed cable replacement procedure:

The only tool you will need is a small Phillips screwdriver. I’m using a Wiha PH 0x50.


Remove 10 screws securing the bottom cover. Remove the cover.

Loosen two screws securing the hard drive bracket.

Hard drive bracket


Lift up and remove the bracket.

Remove HDD bracket


Lift up the hard drive and unplug the connector.

Disconnect HDD SATA cable


Remove four screws securing the cable.

Remove cable screws


Disconnect the cable from the logic board.

Disconnect cable from logic board


Separate the cable from the cover (it’s glued with sticky tape).

Remove HDD cable

Here’s the part number printed on the cable: 821-0814-A.

Alternatively, you can use Apple part number: 922-9062.

I buy new cables from PBParts.

Cable part number

The new cable comes with a few soft rubber pads (P/N: 605-3260).

605-3260 cable spacer


After you replace the failed cable and assemble everything back together, glue one rubber pad on the hard drive bracket as it shown on the following picture.

This pad will prevent the bottom cover touching (and damaging) the hard drive cable again.

Install part 605-3260

By the way, it looks like some MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2012) laptops also have a problem with the hard drive cable.

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  1. How do I reattach the small strip to the led

  2. Parts Jockey

    Thank you for the excellent guides and information you provide. At the university where I work, our computer store is AASP-certified. I can attest that indeed, the hard drive cable failures are affecting the Mid 2012 13-inch MacBook Pros. By far, that is the most common repair undertaken for this model, and we keep a large quantity of these cables in stock. We can count on replacing a few of these cables each week, and these are the most common symptoms we see in the machines:
    – Instead of displaying the Apple logo and booting, a prohibitory (‘no-smoking sign’) symbol or flashing folder with a question mark, is displayed (holding ‘option’ on power-on, Macintosh HD [or whatever the Mac OS volume is named] is not displayed)
    – Extremely slow boot times, as well as very sluggish performance in Mac OS

    In most cases, MRI fails the hard drive test, and after cable replacement, the same test passes. Normal boot and Mac OS performance are also restored. For this specific model, Apple had a Quality Program (recall) until June or July of 2017. During that period, Apple stores and AASPs were authorized by Apple to provide free replacement of the cable. The part number that we order for this cable, is 923-00975. This model has been a solid performer, with the hard drive cable usually being the worst issue encountered. I will hint to owners of 2010 and 2011 machines to source their cables from PBParts, as it is no longer possible to order any such parts from Apple, as these machines have been declared ‘Vintage’ and obsolete. Also, I found that the only ASD image still available from Apple’s GSX which works with the Mid-2012 MacBook Pros, is 3S155. Apparently, 3S150 is no longer available. Thanks again for your information. Keep up the good work.

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